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Vom KiaHaus
Working German Shepherd Dog Kennel
Denise and Jerry Kiah
1180 Oak Hill Road
Covington, 30016 GA

DOB: May 20th 1997

SIRE: Mik-Mar's Southern Comfort

DAM: CH Sharashe's Fantasia, OFA Good Hips

HIPS: OFA - Good


KiaHaus’ Diamond Rio (gone but never forgotten)

Rio's litter was born 5/20/98 and although we didn't intend to keep a puppy, it became obvious that Rio would be staying.

Jerry and Rio started working in AKC obedience and quickly earned their CD and CDX, each in 3 trials and the CDX with scores of 195, 196 and 197 (perfect = 200). Rio was also a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc and he particularly enjoyed visits to facilities with children.

Somewhere along the way Jerry and Rio discovered the new and increasingly popular sport of agility and so began a journey that took the 2 of them to places we could never imagine.

First was the Animal Planet show called Zig and Zag... An Agility Challenge. They filmed at Universal in Orlando and had a blast!

We all attended a Clean Run agility camp in Virginia when Rio was around 2 years old.... there he competed in a game called the 60 weave pole challenge.

Rio was showing in Novice at the time and had barely started doing 12 poles. This 26" GSD came in 2nd.

The first place dog was a top competitors border collie and the chant around the camp was "GO! black and brown dog!

Between 2001 and 2005, Rio was in the top 3 GSD's, in the country, in AKC agility.

In 2001, he was #2 GSD and #1 male GSD

In 2002, he was #1 GSD overall

In 2003, after being sidelined for 3 months with an injury and rehab, he was still the #3 GSD and the #2 male

In 2004, he was the #2 GSD and #1 male

In 2005, he was the #3 GSD and the #1 male

Rio has been gone for several years and still holds the #6 Lifetime AKC Agility GSD spot and the #2 Male GSD Lifetime AKC Agility position.

He won the Agility competition at the GSDCA Nationals in 2004 and so became the 2004 Agililty Victor at 7 years of age.

Rio qualified for and competed in the AKC Agility Nationals from 2002 thru 2006. At the 2005 AKC Agility Nationals, in the 24" ISC State Tourney classes, Rio finished 3rd overall (42 dogs) and finished 17th overall (134 dogs) in the 24" class for the Nationals. In the 2006 Nationals he finished 19th overall (110 dogs).

He qualified in 2006 & 2007 for the AKC Invitational, where the top 5 dogs of each breed are represented. He competed in Long Beach, CA., in 2006.

GO! Black and brown dog!!!