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Vom KiaHaus
Working German Shepherd Dog Kennel
Denise and Jerry Kiah
1180 Oak Hill Road
Covington, 30016 GA

DOB: September 16th 2002

SIRE: Xantto van ‘t Enclavehof (LOSH 825189)

DAM: Yarra van ‘t Enclavehof (LOSH 851156)

HIPS: OFA Normal


LINEBREEDING: N-Litter (Nessel - Njenta) von Haus Antverpa (4 - 4)

Aska vom Betenhaus - AKC/DL91772210 - SchH II

In January of 2003, I was approached by Tracy Betenbaugh of the Chattahoochee Schutzhund Club about a female puppy he had coming back to him from his "A" litter out of SG Yarra van't Enclavehof SchH1 KKL1 and his awesome competition dog SG Xantto van't Enclavehof SchH3 KKL2.

Aska soon entered my life and has proved to be a challenge and a dream all wrapped up in one package. She is clear headed in the bitework and gives it everything she has always!! Her guarding is super and her grips are always full, calm and hard. Because she is so food and toy driven, Aska's obedience is very flashy.

She learns very quickly and can be a little handler sensitive but that is just another training challenge and makes the resulting teamwork all the more rewarding.

Aska is a product of the strong dogs in her pedigree. Although not famous, except in our small area, her sire Xantto will always be one who made an impression on me. He was a big, strong, tough guy who lived in the house and hung out with Tracy and his family.

Anyone who was lucky enough to know Xantto couldn't help but appreciate him for all he had to offer. He was a Vello Fasanarie son out of Franzy Wimbachtal.. Franzy was a Quattro vh Antverpa daughter. Yarra was an Udo Qwentawald/Steffi van het Bleekhoff daughter. Both sides of that pedigree are just full of great dogs.. going back to Orry v h Antverpa, Aska was a strong force in the Aus dem Traumblick breeding program.

She produced the G, I and J litters. She was a super mother and produced very well for us. Aska suffered several injuries that sidelined her several times during her career. We made the decision to pull her from competition and let her give motherhood a try.

As always, she has made us proud. Aska is currently retired from sport and breeding and is rehabbing a minor cruciate injury. We hope to try our skill in the AKC obedience ring as she is still looking for a job!