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Vom KiaHaus
Working German Shepherd Dog Kennel
Denise and Jerry Kiah
1180 Oak Hill Road
Covington, 30016 GA

As a child, I loved all animals especially horses and dogs and most especially German Shepherd Dogs. My parents were not as agreeable to animals as I would have liked ..... I was actually told straight out that we would never have a German Shepherd dog.. they were too big, cost too much, ate too much and were vicious...

When I was 12 and away at horse camp, a family friend lost a relative and the man's grieving widow just couldn't handle the big German Shepherd Dog named Lisa. And so, a dream became a reality and my real love affair with the breed began. That was truly one of the best gifts I've ever received and I will never forget the day I returned home from camp to find this girl waiting for me.

I saved my (very small) allowance for a long time to buy my first dog training book - "Training You to Train Your Dog" by Blanche Saunders and I became obsessed. I walked Lisa before and after school, I groomed her, worked on her training and investigated her pedigree, which wasn't an easy task as it was way before the internet! We lost Lisa at a young age, but she was the start of a very important part of my life.

Lucky for me, I married a man who shared my passion and so I bought Jerry a GSD puppy in 1987 for his birthday. Chelsea was a very hard headed strong girl and Jerry worked very hard with her.. they earned a CD and worked on the higher levels of AKC obedience and a little Schutzhund before Jerry's job changed and travel took him away from home and the time to train.

From 1997 to 2001, I earned an AKC CD, CDX, UD, Agility Excellent Standard and Jumpers with Cruz vom KiaHaus. Cruz was from a litter we bred, which was primarily American show lines. Cruz was a big rangy dog but had none of the physical extremes that the modern day American lines dog possesses. He had a very open social temperament and was quite the personality. We earned our certification from Therapy Dogs, Inc. and donated a good amount of time visiting all kinds of facilities for the elderly, disadvantaged and impaired of all ages.

In 2002, I was introduced to Schutzhund when I bought Kaela von Klaushaus from a friend. We earned our SchH1 in 2002 and our SchH2 and 3 and the AD during 2003. Kaela was an awesome little dog with the best temperament......she was totally stable and an absolute joy from the moment we met. We lost her very young.

Aska vom Betenhaus SchH2, AD was my next competition dog, lovingly referred to by my friends as Miss Superstar!!

I belonged to the Chattahoochee Schutzhund Club where I started in the sport of Schutzhund and held an officers position for some time. I have also belonged to Coal Mountain Schutzhund Association. I am a founding member of the Rising Star Working Dog Club and have held 2 officer positions.

Jerry and his dog Rio (2004 GSDCA AV MACH3 KiaHaus' Diamond Rio, CDX) made their place in the agility world.

Jerry is a fixture at most agility events and in addition to his skills at course strategizing and handling his dogs and others dogs as well, he is a valued member of the agility community where he can be found at trials.. building courses, helping his peers and even making equipment repairs.

In 2005, Jerry and I, together with Dennis and Lynn Vander Linde formed Aus dem Traumblick Working German Shepherds and produced the C thru J litters with such fine females as SG Yarra van't Enclavehof SchH1, KKL1, OFA good (litters C and E), Kiva van Adelrik SchH3, KKL1, a-normal (litters D, F and H) and Aska vom Betenhaus SchH2, AD, OFA good, elbows normal (litters G, I and J).These 3 females produced a number of dogs that have been successful in the competitive arenas and a number of SAR and service dogs as well.

In May 2010, we all decided to venture out on our own and so vom KiaHaus Working German Shepherd Dogs has been reborn.